Celeste Holm

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Celeste Holm
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Jidayikbûn29 nîsan 1917 Li ser Wîkîdaneyê biguhêre
Mirin15 tîrmeh 2012 Li ser Wîkîdaneyê biguhêre
New York City Li ser Wîkîdaneyê biguhêre
Sedema mirinêMirina masûlkeyên dil li ser wîkîdaneyê biguhêre(Sedemên sirûştî)
HevwelatîDewletên Yekbûyî yên Amerîkayê Li ser Wîkîdaneyê biguhêre
  • Ralph Nelson (1936–1939)
  • Nayê zanîn (1940–1945)
  • Nayê zanîn (1946–1952)
  • Wesley Addy (1961–1996)
  • Nayê zanîn (2004–2012) Li ser Wîkîdaneyê biguhêre
  • Ted Nelson Li ser Wîkîdaneyê biguhêre
  • Order of St. Olav
  • Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress (1946)
  • star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Li ser Wîkîdaneyê biguhêre
Malperwww.celesteholm.com/ Li ser Wîkîdaneyê biguhêre
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Celeste Holm (Rojbûn 29ê nîsan 1917 - Mirin 15ê tîrmeh 2012) lîstikvanek fîlm û televîzyonê ya amerîkî bû.[1]

Holm ji bo lîstika xwe ya di Peymana Gentleman de (1947), xelata Oscarê stend, û ji bo rolên xwe di Werin li Stabîlê (1949) û All About Eve (1950) de bû namzet.[1]

Film[biguhêre | çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Sal Sernav Rol
1946 Three Little Girls in Blue Miriam Harrington
1947 Carnival in Costa Rica Celeste
Gentleman's Agreement Anne Dettrey
1948 The Snake Pit Grace
Road House Susie Smith
1949 Chicken Every Sunday Emily Hefferan
A Letter to Three Wives Addie Ross (voice)
Come to the Stable Sister Scholastica
Everybody Does It Doris Blair Borland
1950 Champagne for Caesar Flame O'Neill
All About Eve Karen Richards
1955 The Tender Trap Sylvia Crewes
1956 High Society Liz Imbrie
1961 Bachelor Flat Helen Bushmill
1963 Hailstones and Halibut Bones Narrator (voice)
1967 Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding! Louise Halloran
1973 Tom Sawyer Aunt Polly
1976 Bittersweet Love Marian Lewis
1977 The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover Florence Hollister
1987 Three Men and a Baby Mrs. Holden
1989 Nora's Christmas Gift Nora Richards
1997 Still Breathing Ida, Fletcher's Grand Mother
2005 Alchemy Iris
2012 Driving Me Crazy Mrs. Ginsberg
2013 College Debts Grandma GG

Çavkaniyên Gotarê[biguhêre | çavkaniyê biguhêre]

  1. a b Gates, Anita (15 tîrmeh 2012). "Celeste Holm, Witty Character Actress, Is Dead at 95". The New York Times. Roja wergirtinê: 23 kanûna pêşîn 2014. Celeste Holm, the New York-born actress who made an indelible Broadway impression as an amorous country girl in Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Oklahoma!", earned an Academy Award as the knowing voice of tolerance in "Gentleman's Agreement" and went on to a six-decade screen and stage career, frequently cast as the wistful or brittle sophisticate, died early Sunday at her apartment in Manhattan. She was 95. Her death was announced by Amy Phillips, a great-niece. Ms. Holm had a heart attack at Roosevelt Hospital in New York last week while being treated there for dehydration, but she was taken home on Friday.