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A fully protected page can be edited or moved only by administrators. The protection may be for a specified time or may be indefinite.
Modifications to a fully protected page can be proposed on its [[Wikipedia:Talk page|talk page]] (or at another appropriate forum) for discussion. Administrators can make changes to the protected article reflecting [[Wikipedia:Consensus|consensus]]. Placing the {{tlx|EditWeşandina fullytev-protectedparastin}} template on the talk page will draw the attention of administrators for implementing uncontroversial changes.
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Pre-emptive full protection of articles is contrary to the open nature of Wikipedia. Brief periods of full protection are used in rare cases when a large number of autoconfirmed accounts are used to make a sustained vandalism attack on an article. Persistent vandalism, or the possibility of future vandalism for highly trafficked articles, rarely provides a basis for full-protection. [[#SemiNîv-protectionparastin|SemiNîv-protectionparastin]] is used for articles, such as [[Jesus]], that have a pattern of heavy sustained vandalism.
==== "History only" review ====
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Semi-protection prevents edits from [[Wikipedia:User access levels#UnregisteredBikarhênerên usersneqeydkirî|unregisteredbikarhênerên usersneqeydkirî]] (IP addresses), as well as edits from any account that is not [[Wikipedia:User access levels#AutoconfirmedBikarhênerên usersotomatîk pejirandî|autoconfirmedBikarhênerên otomatîk pejirandî]] (is at least four days old and has at least ten edits to Wikipedia) or [[Wikipedia:UserBikarhênerên accessasta levelsgihiştin#ConfirmedBikarhênerên userspejirandî|confirmedpejirand]]. This level of protection is useful when there is a significant amount of disruption or vandalism from new or unregistered users, or to prevent sock puppets of blocked or banned users from editing, especially when it occurs on [[WP:BLP|biographies of living persons]] who have had a recent high level of media interest. An alternative to semi-protection is [[WP:PC|pending changes]], which is sometimes favoured when an article is being vandalised regularly, but otherwise receives a low amount of editing.
Such users can request edits to a semi-protected page by proposing them on its talk page, using the {{Tlx|EditWeşandina seminîv-protectedparastin}} template if necessary to gain attention. If the page in question and its talk page are ''both'' protected please make your edit request at [[WP:RFED|Wikipedia:Request for edit]] instead. New users may also request the <tt>confirmed</tt> user right by visiting [[Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Confirmed|Requests for permissions]].
==== Guidance for administrators ====
Pages that have been creation-protected are sometimes referred to as "[[salting the earth|salted]]". Contributors wishing to re-create a salted title with more appropriate content should either contact an [[Wikipedia:Administrators|administrator]] (preferably the protecting administrator), file a request at [[Wikipedia:Requests for page protection]], or use the [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]] process. In any case, it is generally preferable to have prepared a [[WP:Drafts|draft version]] of the intended article prior to filing a request.
There are two levels of creation protection that can be applied to pages. One version is similar to [[#SemiNîv-protectionparastin|seminîv-protectionparastin]] which allows [[Wikipedia:Autoconfirmed|autoconfirmed]] editors and administrators to create the page. The other version is similar to [[#Full protection|full protection]] which allows only administrators to create the page.
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