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Ji Wîkîpediya, ensîklopediya azad.
Belgekirina şablonê[nîşan bide] [biguhêre] [dîrokê bibîne] [rojane bike]

This template is used to provide sources for Bible verse references.

This template creates an external link. The external links content guideline states that external links "should not normally be used in the body of an article". Furthermore, the use of inline parenthetical referencing is now deprecated on Wikipedia. Place external links to the Bible in footnotes, but be aware that the Bible may be considered a primary source, which should be used with care in sourcing Wikipedia articles.

Usage[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Code format:

{{Bibleverse|Bible book name|c:v–c:v|version|text|nobook=|wlink=|multi=}}
Optional parameters
This template has four optional parameters:
  • (fourth parameter) - providing a fourth (unnamed) parameter will show specific text instead of the book/chapter information
  • nobook - When set to "yes", will omit the book from the link. {{bibleverse-nb}} can also be used for this feature.
  • wlink - When set to "yes", will wikilink the book name. {{bibleverse-lb}} can also be used for this feature.
  • multi - When set to "yes", allows for multiple books/chapters to be viewed on BibleGateway. See #Examples for use cases
  • Shorthand can be used for the names, such as 1 Sam or Deut. See the Chicago Manual of Style for other acceptable abbreviations.
  • Verse references may be simplified (for example, no range or entire chapter).

Examples[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Default, link to NRSV {{Bibleverse|Genesis|1:15–16}}
Link to KJV (Wikisource) {{Bibleverse|Genesis|1:15–16|KJV}}
Omitting the book {{Bibleverse|Genesis|1:15–16|nobook=yes}}
Omitting the book with -nb {{Bibleverse-nb|Genesis|1:15–16}}
Wikilinking the book {{Bibleverse|Genesis|1:15–16|wlink=yes}}
Wikilinking the book with -lb {{Bibleverse-lb|Genesis|1:15–16}}
Custom text {{Bibleverse|Genesis|1:15–16|KJV|Example of custom text}}
Linking to multiple verses {{Bibleverse|John 20:1–2, 11–18|multi=yes}}

Note in the above that when |multi=yes, the entire search term is in the first parameter.

List of versions[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

The following table holds a list of available Bible versions and the external sites used by the template to link them. If no version is supplied, the default source is the New Revised Standard Version on the oremus bible browser unless |multi=yes, in which case the version will be provided by BibleGateway based on the best match to its search function. Versions not on this list can be used, which will use BibleGateway's repository.

External site Code Version Example usage
Biblica ab NIV Genesis 1:15–16
amp Genesis 1:15–16
msg Genesis 1:15–16
niv Genesis 1:15–16
nlt Genesis 1:15–16
nirv NIrV Genesis 1:15–16
nivuk NIV (UK) Genesis 1:15–16 esv ESV Genesis 1:15–16
Mechon Mamre jps JPS Genesis 1:15–16
he JPS with Hebrew Genesis 1:15–16
oremus Bible Browser nrsv NRSV Genesis 1:15–16
nrsvae NRSV (UK) Genesis 1:15–16 nab USCCB Genesis 1:15–16
WikiSource asv ASV Genesis 1:15–16
kjv King James Genesis 1:15–16
web World English Genesis 1:15–16
ws Wikisource Genesis 1:15–16
wyc Wycliffe Genesis 1:15–16

Redirects[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

  • This template is the result of many similar templates being merged together. A full list of redirects can be found at this link.

Wrappers[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

TemplateData[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Ev belgekirina TemplateDatayê ya vê şablonê ye ku ji aliyê VisualEditor û vebijarkên din ve tê bikaranîn.

TemplateData ji bo Bibleverse

A template to generate a link to selected Bible editions at several sites including This template will create a link with the name of the book and the specified chapter and verse, range(s) of chapter(s) and verse(s), or entire chapter. Add |nobook=yes to create a link without the book name in the anchor text of the link.

Parametreyên şablonê[Daneyên şablonê biguhêre]


The name of the book.


The chapter and verse, range(s) of chapter(s) and verse(s), or entire chapter to be cited (for example: '5:4', '1:1–2', '21:1–24:7', '1:2–3; 13:10', '6').


The edition to be cited. Given in common abbreviations (for example, 'KJV', 'NIV', 'ESV', 'NASB', 'HE'). Default is 'NRSV'.

Nivîsne pêwîst

Alternate text to be shown in place of the book/chapter information.

Nivîsne pêwîst
No booknobook

If set to 'yes' will omit the book from the link.

Nivîsne pêwîst

If set to 'yes' will add a wikilink to the book name.

Nivîsne pêwîst
Multiple versesmulti

Set to 'yes' to allow for multiple chapters/verses to be shown in the results.

Nivîsne pêwîst