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This template will add tagged articles to a cleanup category according to the month and year given.

What is a bare URL?[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

A bare URL is a link to a website with no identifying information except the link itself. It is not just a citation style that leaves the URL visible to the reader. Fully visible URLs are required by some citation styles, such as the MLA style. However, these visible URLs should be accompanied by useful descriptions of the page being linked, such as information about the author, title, and/or publication.

Bare URLs—add this tag
Good citations—do not add this tag

How to use[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Before adding this template, consider trying toollabs:refill, paste into the text box the name of the page with bare references, then click the "Fix page" button. Wait patiently for the program to finish filling in all citation templates for each bare reference. When the result page is loaded, please double-check the changes made in the diff preview on the result page and fix the errors before clicking the "Show preview" button at the bottom. References that could not be filled in with the tool will be listed on the page. On the actual editing interface on-wiki, you may wish to check the changes once again and use Ohconfucius's scripts to automatically correct some mistakes. When everything looks fine, click the "Publish changes" button to save your changes.

If there are references you failed to fix or you need assistance in fixing them, paste this at the top of an article with bare-URL references:

{{Cleanup bare URLs|date=hezîran 2024}}

Save the page. Someone else may click on the reFill tool link on the template to fix the bare references semi-automatically, or manually correct them.

A manual of the tool is available on Wikipedia:ReFill.

Tracking categories[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

This template places the article into the following categories:

If no date was added, a bot will add it later.

Purge this page to update pages-in-category counts

TemplateData[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Ev belgekirina TemplateDatayê ya vê şablonê ye ku ji aliyê VisualEditor û vebijarkên din ve tê bikaranîn.

TemplateData ji bo Cleanup bare URLs

Use this cleanup template to indicate that an article uses references containing bare URLs, which may be threatened by link rot.

Parametreyên şablonê[Daneyên şablonê biguhêre]

Formata rêzê di vê şablonê de tê bikaranîn.

Month and yeardate

The month and year that the template was placed (in full). "{{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}" inserts the current month and year automatically.

January 2013
Nirxa otomatîk
Affected area1

Text to replace the word "article", usually "section"

Nirxa otomatîk
Xetne pêwîst

On-demand search and tag[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Tagbot adds the template on-demand. It searches for pages with bare links and tags them. See the control page Template:Cleanup bare URLs/bot for instructions how to trigger the bot to run.

In addition to |date= the bot adds two arguments:

  • |bot=wp:tagbot
  • |requester=<username> ie. who requested the bot to run

Redirects[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

And more

See also[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

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