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This template is used to display a progression chart for article assessments, with the colours representative of the class colours associated with each type (e.g. FA, B, Start, etc). The chart can be updated automatically or manually.

Usage[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Automatic[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

{{Progression rainbow|project=}}

Use the WikiProject or task force name (as used in its categories) to populate |project=.

Manual[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

{{Progression rainbow|List|Stub|Start|C|B|GA|A|FA+FL|Total}}

Each field should be the number of articles in that category for the wikiproject.

This may be automatically calculated with the {{PAGESINCATEGORY}} magic word, e.g. {{PAGESINCATEGORY:FA-Class Square Enix articles|R}}

Adding together such categories for the total can be done with the {{#expr:}} function call, e.g. {{#expr:{{PAGESINCATEGORY:FA-Class video game articles|R}}+{{PAGESINCATEGORY:FL-Class video game articles|R}}}}

The bar expands to fit the full width of the page or container it is in; to adjust the width of the bar, place the template inside of a smaller div or table.

Examples[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Raw numbers
{{Progression rainbow|20|20|100|40|30|40|10|40|310}} produces
  • 6.5% bi sinifa Lîste
  • 6.5% bi sinifa Şitil
  • 32.3% bi sinifa Destpêkî
  • 12.9% bi sinifa C
  • 9.7% bi sinifa B
  • 12.9% bi sinifa GBA
  • 3.2% b sinifa A
  • 12.9% bi sinifa GB
  • 3.2% remaining

Note that the total is ten higher than the actual inputs; this results in a gray bar representing unassessed articles.

{{Progression rainbow|10|40|100|40|20|50|10|20|290}} produces
  • 3.4% bi sinifa Lîste
  • 13.8% bi sinifa Şitil
  • 34.5% bi sinifa Destpêkî
  • 13.8% bi sinifa C
  • 6.9% bi sinifa B
  • 17.2% bi sinifa GBA
  • 3.4% b sinifa A
  • 6.9% bi sinifa GB

This bar's inputs match the total, so there is no gray bar at the end.

Calculated amounts
{{Progression rainbow|{{PAGESINCATEGORY:List-Class video game articles|R}}|{{PAGESINCATEGORY:Stub-Class video game articles|R}}|{{PAGESINCATEGORY:Start-Class video game articles|R}}|{{PAGESINCATEGORY:C-Class video game articles|R}}|{{PAGESINCATEGORY:B-Class video game articles|R}}|{{PAGESINCATEGORY:GA-Class video game articles|R}}|0|{{#expr:{{PAGESINCATEGORY:FA-Class video game articles|R}}+{{PAGESINCATEGORY:FL-Class video game articles|R}}}}|{{#expr:{{PAGESINCATEGORY:FA-Class video game articles|R}} + {{PAGESINCATEGORY:FL-Class video game articles|R}} + {{PAGESINCATEGORY:GA-Class video game articles|R}} + {{PAGESINCATEGORY:A-Class video game articles|R}} + {{PAGESINCATEGORY:B-Class video game articles|R}} + {{PAGESINCATEGORY:C-Class video game articles|R}} + {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Start-Class video game articles|R}} + {{PAGESINCATEGORY:List-Class video game articles|R}} + {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Stub-Class video game articles|R}} + {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Unassessed video game articles|R}}}}}} produces

Note that this method could more easily be written using |project=video game (see below) but would work if multiple projects/categories were being used.

Automatic values
{{Progression rainbow|project=video game}} produces
Custom height
{{Progression rainbow|project=video game|height=12px}} produces

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