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Şablon:Template error report

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see a monthly parameter usage report for this template in articles.

Belgekirina şablonê[nîşan bide] [biguhêre] [dîrokê bibîne] [rojane bike]

The Template Parameters tool is available for viewing template parameter usage in articles. It works with TemplateData to show the frequency of parameter name usage in a template's mainspace transclusions, along with whether or not each parameter is listed in that template's TemplateData code as a supported parameter. For a required parameter, it can display a list of pages where the template is missing that parameter. The tool also shows commonly used values for each parameter. Each report is updated monthly and does not reflect changes made to articles or to the TemplateData code after the report's generation.

Usage[çavkaniyê biguhêre]


Parameters[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

{{Template parameter usage
| 1 = <!-- template:name, default=pagename -->
| lc = <!-- yes/no -->
| label = <!-- keywords like "for", or free labeltext -->
All parameters are optional, and have a default

By default, the template links for the template page:

{{Template parameter usage}} → Şablon:Template parameter usage [for this page]

One can enter a template name:

{{Template parameter usage|Infobox film}} → Şablon:Template parameter usage


  • |lc=yes for lowercase "click": Şablon:Template parameter usage
  • Entering |1=Template:Infobox film is accepted (namespace is removed). Editor friendly, using a positional parameter.
When |1= is used, "this template" text changes: → Şablon:Template parameter usage
  • |label= sets the visible text; it does not change the target link:
|label= default → Şablon:Template parameter usage
|label=noneŞablon:Template parameter usage
|label=forŞablon:Template parameter usage
|label=FooBarŞablon:Template parameter usage
  • |based=yes adds the text "based on this TemplateData" to the end of the template (or "based on its TemplateData" if |1= is also used).

The template is included in transclusions of {{TemplateData header}}.

Error reports[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

{{Template parameter usage}}

By default, it links a report for the template-page being viewed. To link a report for a different template-page, pass it as the first parameter:

{{Template parameter usage|Example}} makes a link to the error report for Template:Example:
Şablon:Template parameter usage

The first character can be made lowercase to follow on at the end of a sentence:

Blah, {{Template parameter usage|lc=yes}} → Blah, Şablon:Template parameter usage

TemplateData[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Ev belgekirina TemplateDatayê ya vê şablonê ye ku ji aliyê VisualEditor û vebijarkên din ve tê bikaranîn.

TemplateData ji bo Template error report

Short line of text providing a link to a monthly parameter usage report for a template based on its TemplateData

Parametreyên şablonê[Daneyên şablonê biguhêre]

Formata rêzê di vê şablonê de tê bikaranîn.


Enter "y", "yes", "true", "on" or "1" here to make the text begin with a lowercase character.

Nirxa otomatîk
Xetne pêwîst
Custom template1

Enter any template here to change the usage report link to that of that template

Şablonne pêwîst
Custom textlabel

Enter any text here to make the template just the usage report link with the given custom text. Alternatively, enter "none" to include only the usage report link, or enter "for" to include only the usage report link followed by "for <template name>".

Nivîsne pêwîst
Append "based on this[/its] TemplateData"based

Enter "y", "yes", "true", "on" or "1" here to append the text "based on this TemplateData" (or "based on its TemplateData" if "Custom template" is also used).

Nirxa otomatîk
Xetne pêwîst

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