Şablon:Cite book/German

Ji Wîkîpediya, ensîklopediya azad.
Belgekirina şablonê[nîşan bide] [biguhêre] [dîrokê bibîne] [rojane bike]

This template is a variation of the German WP template "Vorlage:Literatur" and is designed to speed translation by enabling references and sources created using the German template to be displayed in an equivalent manner in English Wikipedia without major amendment.

Beware that newer parameters added to the German WP template might not be supported yet. Also, any misspelled parameters will be omitted and not reported as errors.

Usage[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Templates for copying[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Parametreyên ku herî zêde tên bikaranîn bi formata ufuqî
{{Literatur |Autor= |Titel= |Verlag= |Ort= |Jahr= |ISBN=}}

Hemû parametre bi formata ufuqî
{{Literatur |Autor= |Hrsg= |Titel= |TitelErg= |Sammelwerk= |WerkErg= |Band= |Nummer= |Auflage= |Verlag= |Ort= |Datum= |Jahr= |Monat= |Tag= |Kapitel= |Seiten= |Spalten= |Umfang= |ISBN= |ISBNistFormalFalsch= |ISSN= |Originaltitel= |Originalsprache= |Originaljahr= |Originalort= |JahrEA= |VerlagEA= |OrtEA= |Übersetzer= |Online= |Format= |KBytes= |DOI= |arxiv= |ArtikelNr= |bibcode= |DNB= |ID= |JSTOR= |LCCN= |OCLC= |PMC= |PMID= |URN= |ZDB= |Abruf= |Zugriff= |Zitat= }}

Parameters[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Parameter Meaning Comments/Examples
Autor Author Authors (Forename Surname, Forename Surname...)
Editor Editor of the compilation or the cited work (if no author is given)
Titel Title Title of the cited work
TitelErg title note Further information about the title (e. g.: With an introduction by Lieschen Müller.).
Sammelwerk Compilation Title of the overarching work: magazine, anthology ... (automatically preceded by "In:")
WerkErg work note Note about the compilation
Reihe series Name of book series
NummerReihe series number Number of book series
BandReihe series volume name Volume name of series
HrsgReihe series editor Editor of series
Band Volume "Bd. 1" (not automatic, "Bd." must be entered), "Vol. 34" (English version: Volume, Vol.), "Book 12"
Nummer Number Number, Issue or Heft
Auflage Edition "1." ("ed." will be added)
Verlag Publisher Publisher of edition
Ort Location
Datum date Date of document
Jahr Year Year of document
Monat Month Written in full ("Januar", "Februar", ...) only for periodicals
Tag Day "1, 2, 3, ... 31" only for periodicals
Kapitel Chapter e. g. "Early History chapter", "2.1.7 Miscellaneous" or "614b" (unlike pages and columns nothing is added here, giving freedom to describe sections of the work as they are arranged)
Seiten Pages e. g. "27–34" (a hyphen must be entered!), "13ff.", "192" ("pp." will automatically appear)
Spalten Columns Many articles are organised by columns, not pages. Enter the column no. here, e.g. "3–4" (hyphen must be entered – "col." is automatically displayed)
Umfang page total Count of pages
ISBN ISBN number ISBN number (no need to enter "ISBN")
ISBNistFormalFalsch False ISBN If the book has been delivered with a false ISBN, enter "J" (="Ja" or "Yes") here.
ISSN ISSN number ISSN number for magazines, ... (shown as "ISSN...")
ArtikelNr article number Number of document
bibcode bibcode number Bibcode number of document
DNB DNB code DNB number of document
ID ID number ID number of document
JSTOR JSTOR number JSTOR number of document
LCCN LCCN number Library of Congress number of document
OCLC OCLC number OCLC number of document
PMC PMC number PMC number of document
PMID PMID number PMID number of document
URN URN number URN number of document
ZDB ZDB number ZDB number of document
DOI doi code 10.1109/MSPEC.2005.1526906 (Document Object Identifier)

The DOI number is displayed thus: (doi:10.1109/MSPEC.2005.1526906)

arXiv number astro-ph/0506600 (The Archive)

The arXiv number is displayed thus: (Şablon:Arxiv)

Online Web page URL (example: "[http://server/file.pdf PDF, 1 MB]")
Format file format Format of document file: PDF, MS Word, HTML, etc.
KBytes size in KB File size in kilobytes (KB)
Access date Date of the last time the data was accessed (for online sources, if not also available in print)
Zitat cite quote Short quotation from document
Originalsprache language Şablon:IETF RFC code for the language in which the original was published e. g. en, en-US or ar
Originaltitel Original title The original title in the original language
Originaljahr original year Original year of document
Originalort Original place Original location of document
Übersetzer Translator The German translator of the edition in question
JahrEA 1st edition year Year first published
VerlagEA 1st edition publisher Publisher of first edition
OrtEA 1st edition location Location where first published
Typ List of works Only valid value: wl (Werkliste = "list of works"). If this parameter is entered, the name of the author does not appear in the result. So the details can be used in lists of works.

If a parameter is entered without a name ({{Literatur|Hans Müller|...}}), an error message will appear.

Examples[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Contribution to a compilation work

  • {{Literatur |Autor=J. Schmidt |Titel=Aspekte modernen Wikipädisierens |Herausgeber=Bernd Beispiel |Sammelwerk=Soziologie der Wikipädianer |Verlag=Wikipedia-Press |Ort=Musterstadt |Jahr=2003-08-14 |ISBN=978-3-9801412-1-5 |Seiten=213–278}}
J. Schmidt (2003-08-14), Bernd Beispiel (edîtor), "Aspekte modernen Wikipädisierens", Soziologie der Wikipädianer (bi German), Musterstadt: Wikipedia-Press, rr. 213–278, ISBN 978-3-9801412-1-5{{citation}}: CS1 maint: unrecognized language (lînk)

Article in a scientific journal

  • {{Literatur |Autor=Max Mustermann |Titel=Semantischer Kollaps bei Löschdiskussionen |Sammelwerk=Journal of Wikipedianism |Band=Vol. 2 |Nummer=3 |Monat=März |Jahr=2006 |Seiten=17–67 |DOI= 10.1109/MSPEC.2005.1526906}}
Max Mustermann (March 2006), "Semantischer Kollaps bei Löschdiskussionen", Journal of Wikipedianism (bi German), cild 2 hj. 3, pp. 17–67, doi:10.1109/MSPEC.2005.1526906{{citation}}: CS1 maint: unrecognized language (lînk)

Newspaper article

  • {{Literatur |Autor=Garbo, Greta |Titel=Wikipedia wohin? |Sammelwerk=FAZ |Tag=1 |Monat=Februar |Jahr=2003 |ISSN=0174-4909 |Seiten=3}}
Garbo, Greta (1 February 2003), "Wikipedia wohin?", FAZ (bi German), r. 3, ISSN 0174-4909{{citation}}: CS1 maint: unrecognized language (lînk)

Foreign work

  • {{Literatur |Autor=John Doe |Titel=Einführung in die Trollerei |Originaltitel=Introduction to Trolling |Originalsprache=en-US |Seiten=12 |Verlag=Wikipedia-Press |Ort=Musterstadt |Datum=7 Juni 2003 |Originaljahr=2002 |ISBN=978-3-9801412-1-5}}
John Doe (7 June 2003) [2002], Einführung in die Trollerei [Introduction to Trolling], Musterstadt: Wikipedia-Press, p. 12, ISBN 978-3-9801412-1-5

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