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The Template:Citeer_web handles Dutch-language parameters for {{cite web}}, as in the Dutch Wikipedia template nl:Sjabloon:Citeer_web. As of April 2013, {cite_web} would issue a red-error message for each unrecognized Dutch parameter as "Unknown parameter |xx= ignored..." and so {citeer_web} here simply switches any Dutch parameter into the English equivalent, and translates any date/month names into English, until those cites can be hand-translated into English where needed.

List of parameter names[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

The major parameter keywords are listed below.

List of parameters
Dutch English
titel / Titel title
achternaam last
voornaam first
auteur author
auteurlink author-link
medeauteurs others
editor editor
editor-voornaam editor-first
editor-achternaam editor-last
werk work
editie edition
volume / boekdeel volume
nummer number / issue
serie series
? agency
uitgever publisher
plaats / locatie location
utgivningsort publication-place
datum date
bezochtdatum accessdate
origdatum / origdate origyear
year / jaar year
month month
pagina / bladzijde page
paginas / pagina's
formaat format
taal language
id id
ref ref
url / URL url
archiefurl archiveurl
archiefdatum archivedate
citaat quote

Other parameters include: isbn, issn, doi, pmid, bibcode and oclc. The various Dutch parameters are listed on the Dutch Wikipedia in template nl:Sjabloon:Citeer_web from June 2018.

Examples[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Below are some examples using {Citeer_web}.

  • {{citeer web |auteur=Johnski Doe |titel=Titel |url=http://x.com |datum=7 mei 2012 |taal=sv}}
    Johnsven Doe (7 May 2012). "Titel" (bi swêdî).
  • {{citeer web |url=http://www.a.org |titel=CD |uitgever=ABC |bezochtdatum= 27 februari 2010 }}
    "CD". ABC. Roja gihiştinê 27 February 2010.
  • {{citeer web |achternaam = Teresi |voornaam = Dick |titel = Lost Discoveries: The Ancient Roots of Modern Science |url = https://books.google.com/?id=pheL_ubbXD0C |uitgever = Simon & Schuster |year = 2003 |pagina = 213–214 |isbn = 074324379X}}
    —> Teresi, Dick (2003). "Lost Discoveries: The Ancient Roots of Modern Science". Simon & Schuster. r. 213–214. ISBN 074324379X.
  • {{citeer web | URL = http://www.vernonpratt.com/conceptu alisations/d06bl2_1mechanical.htm | titel = The Mechanical Philosophy |bezochtdatum = 2009-06-28 |achternaam = Pratt |voornaam = Vernon | datum = 2007-09-28 |werk = Reason, nature and the human being in the West}}
    —> Pratt, Vernon (2007-09-28). "The Mechanical Philosophy". Reason, nature and the human being in the West. Roja gihiştinê 2009-06-28.
  • {{citeer web |achternaam= Sobkowski |voornaam = Jerzy |auteurlink = Jerzy Sobkowski |titel = Chemia jądrowa | serie = Biblioteka Chemii Tom 5 |year = 1981 |agency = Państwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe |månad = maart | isbn = 83-01-02060-1 |pagina = 18-19}}
    —> Sobkowski, Jerzy (March 1981). "Chemia jądrowa". Biblioteka Chemii Tom 5. Państwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe. r. 18-19. ISBN 83-01-02060-1. {{cite web}}: |url= kêm an vala ye (alîkarî)

List of month names[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Below is a table of month names. Note how Dutch dates use the lowercase form of each month name.

List of month names
Dutch month (nominative) Dutch date (genitive) English
(same) januari January
(same) februari February
(same) maart March
(same) april April
(same) mei May
(same) juni June
(same) juli July
(same) augustus August
(same) september September
(same) oktober October
(same) november November
(same) december December

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