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Şablon:Gotar li gorî kalîteyê

Ji Wîkîpediya, ensîklopediya azad.
 GB GBABCDestpêkîŞitil LBLîsteKategorîCudakirin WBWêneProjeBeralîkirinŞablonNA???Hemû
Belgekirina şablonê[nîşan bide] [biguhêre] [dîrokê bibîne] [rojane bike]

Usage[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

This template will display, in a horizontal table, the number of articles of each class, which belong to a particular WikiProject. The syntax is as follows:

{{Articles by Quality

Parameters[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

  • |topic= (required) - set to the name used in the project or task force's Category:topic articles by quality
  • |project= (optional) - if defined, a caption is displayed below the table with the following three links: [[Wikipedia:WikiProject project|WikiProject project]], [[:Category:topic articles by quality|articles by quality]], and a "Refresh" button.
  • |custom1=, |custom2= (optional) - allows for addition of custom classes such as the Audio-Class, for example |custom1=Audio
  • |format= (optional) - changes the way the template is formatted using one of Wikipedia's defined styles (CSS), for example |format=toc
  • |task_force= (optional) - if |project= has been set, and |task_force=yes then the following two parameters are required:
    • |tf_link= - should be set to the task force's subpage name.
    • |parent= - should be set to the same value as |project=. Together, these two parameters generate the first link as: [[Wikipedia:WikiProject parent/tf_link|topic Taskforce]], along with the other two links as above.
    • |tf_name= (optional) - if you wish to change the default spelling of "Taskforce", |tf_name= should be set to your preferred spelling. The link will be then rendered as: [[Wikipedia:WikiProject parent/tf_link|topic tf_name]]

Examples[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

{{Articles by Quality|topic=Fransayê|project=Fransa}}

will result in:

 GB GBABCDestpêkîŞitil LBLîsteKategorîCudakirin WBWêneProjeBeralîkirinŞablonNA???Hemû
Wîkîproje Fransa  gotar li gorî kalîteyê     nû bike
Changing class to format template layout

By using the |format= tag, you can change the way the template is formatted using one of Wikipedia's defined styles (CSS).

{{Articles by Quality|topic=AfC|project=Articles for creation|format=toc}}

will result in:

Wîkîproje Articles for creation  gotar li gorî kalîteyê     nû bike

You can use any of the Wikipedia defined classes in this parameter. In this example, the switch changes the style from the default wikitable to the toc style used in the {{Cat class}} template. All formatting in the template will be changed to the defined style chosen and cannot be modified.

Taskforce example[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

{{Articles by Quality
 |project    = Food and drink
 |topic      = Cheeses
 |task_force = yes
  |tf_link   = Cheeses task force
  |parent    = Food and drink
 |format     = toc

will generate:

Cheeses Taskforce  gotar li gorî kalîteyê     nû bike

See also[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Standard class types
 GB  LB  WB  A
{{Class|GB}} {{Class|LB}} {{Class|WB}} {{Class|A}}
 GBA B C Destpêkî
{{Class|GBA}} {{Class|B}} {{Class|C}} {{Class|Destpêkî}}
Şitil Lîste NA ???
{{Class|Şitil}} {{Class|Lîste}} {{Class|NA}} {{Class|Nesinifandî}}
Non-standard class types
Future SIA  AL
{{Class|Future}} {{Class|SIA}} {{Class|AL}}
BL CL Kategorî
{{Class|BL}} {{Class|CL}} {{Class|Kategorî}}
Cudakirin Draft Wêne
{{Class|Cudakirin}} {{Class|Draft}} {{Class|Wêne}}
Xwestî Portal Proje Beralîkirin
{{Class|Needed}} {{Class|Portal}} {{Class|Proje}} {{Class|Beralîkirin}}
Şablon Bikarhêner
{{Class|Şablon}} {{Class|Bikarhêner}}
Importance types
 Herî zêde   Zêde   Navîn   Kêm 
{{Importance|Herî zêde}} {{Importance|Zêde}} {{Importance|Navîn}} {{Importance|Kêm}}
 Herî kêm   NA   ??? 
{{Importance|Herî kêm}} {{Importance|NA}} {{Importance|Nayê zanîn}}

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