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Şablon:Param value

Ji Wîkîpediya, ensîklopediya azad.


Belgekirina şablonê[nîşan bide] [biguhêre] [dîrokê bibîne] [rojane bike]

Provides a lightly bordered box to highlight param values on Template documentation pages. Especially useful in cases where values may have leading or trailing blanks, or multiple embedded blanks.

{{param value|value}}

There is one required positional parameter for the value, and four optional params: three for styling the display, and one replacement parameter for dealing with how to render a blank space:

|1= – the value to be highlighted; required (no default)
|border= – may be used to set border attributes. default: thin solid #caa. Alias: |b=.
|bg-color= – may be used to set background-color. default: white. Alias: |bg=.
|style= – may be used to set any CSS style attributes, with one or more semicolon-separated attribute:value pairs. default:none.
|space= – may be used to make spaces visible. Alias: |sp=. See #Making spaces visible below.

Note on special characters: if the value to be highlighted contains an equal sign, it must be escaped: use {{=}} instead of a bare equal sign character.

  • {{param value|2blanks between}} yields: 2blanks  between
  • {{param value|2blanks between|space=·}} yields: 2blanks··between
  • {{param value| * : # }} yields:   * : # 
  • {{param value| * : # |border=2px dashed khaki}} yields:   * : # 
  • {{param value|white|bg=yellow}} yields: white
  • {{pvalue|thin solid #caa|bg=#f5fcf9}} yields: thin solid #caa
  • {{pval|* #|border=thin dashed purple|bg=#ffe6e6|style=border-radius:5px|space=␠}} yields: *␠␠#

Making spaces visible

[çavkaniyê biguhêre]

You may make space characters visible by replacing them with any character you choose using param |space=. Here are some characters that have been historically used for this purpose. In these examples, there are two spaces between one and two:

  • Space symbol – (U+2420 = ␠ ) : {{param value|one two|space=␠}}one␠␠two
  • Blank symbol – (U+2422 = ␢ ) : {{pvalue|one two|space=␢}}one␢␢two
    • Blank symbol – (smaller: ) : {{pvalue|one two|space=<small>␢</small>}}onetwo
  • Middot – (U+00B7 = · ) : {{pval|one two|space=·}}one··two
  • Underbracket – (U+23B5 = ⎵ ) : {{pval|one two|space=⎵}}one⎵⎵two
  • White rectangle – (U+25AF = ▯ ) : {{pval|one two|space=▯}}one▯▯two
  • Undertie – (U+203F = ‿ ) : {{pval|one two|space=‿}}one‿‿two