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Mentor dashboard coming soon to your wiki[çavkaniyê biguherîne]

Hello Balyozxane, Bikarhêner and Penaber49

Sorry to use English, Please help translate to your language.

Starting tomorrow, you will have access to Special:MentorDashboard.

This special page will list the newcomers who are assigned to you so that you can check if they do some edits or if the need help. This tool is still a work in progress. Some bugs may appear, please let me know if you find something strange.

Also, a new filter will be available for mentors. Mentors can monitor their mentees' activity in Watchlist and RecentChanges, so they can help support their mentees' work. For privacy reasons, this filter can't be accessed by someone else than the mentor itself. This filter only filters mentees assigned to the mentor. This filter is not visible for people who are not listed as mentors

In the future, we will add more functions to this Mentor page.

Please ping me if you have questions! Trizek (WMF) (gotûbêj) 14:06, 26 çiriya pêşîn 2021 (UTC)[bibersivîne]

Silav Trizek (WMF), Thank you for your interest. I will try to get to know the tool. Thanks on behalf of the Kurdish Wikipedia community. Penaber49 (gotûbêj) 17:09, 26 çiriya pêşîn 2021 (UTC)[bibersivîne]