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Hi and thanks for the help in ku.Wikipedia. Could you please c.hange the following:

bi swêdî: {{{1}}}, wate "{{{wate}}}" s.hould be: bi swêdî: {{{1}}}, bi wateya "{{{wate}}}"

Thank you again, destxweş bî --MikaelF (gotûbêj) 00:27, 29 sermawez 2015 (UTC)

  • @MikaelF: Sure, you probably found out that my Kurdish is quite limited. :)
    Now, the revamped language template system doesn't immediately change anything, as the parameter currently isn't used. But I'm really happy about your message, so we can do it right. As the transcluded template shouldn't take more space than really necessary, is there a shorter, yet still correct way of putting this? Maybe an abbreviation? In the English Wikipedia, we're using the word "literally", abbreviated to "lit."
    Sipas, PanchoS (gotûbêj) 00:40, 29 sermawez 2015 (UTC)
@PanchoS:Thank you for the c.hange. bi de: Niedersachsen → bi almanî: Niedersachsen, bi kurdî tê wateya: "Saksonyaya Jêr"; se.e if you could end it like ..., bi kurdî tê wateya "Saksonyaya Jêr", without the : after wateya :) Thanks again. --MikaelF (gotûbêj) 08:49, 30 sermawez 2015 (UTC)

Bi PanchoS re gotûbêjek bide destpêkirin

Gotûbêjek bide destpêkirin