Dana Delany

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Dana Delany
Dana Welles Delany

13ê adara 1956an(1956-03-13) (68 salî)
Salên çalak1974 - roja me

Dana Welles Delany (jdb. 13ê adara 1956 li Nû Yorkê ) lîstikvan, hilberîner û çalakvaneke amerîkan e.Navdarbûna wê dinav temşevana, dema ku rola xwe ya bi nave Colleen McMurphy gêrandî, di Filmê  China Beach (1988–1991) de. Herwesa hatîye xelatkirin bi xelatên weka Award Screen Actors û Cara yekêlem ya Destpêkirina karê wê yê aktiriyê di Sala 1974 de bû.

Fîlmnîgarî[biguhêre | çavkaniyê biguhêre]

Delany at 43rd Primetime Emmy Awards in 1991
Sal Sernav Rol
1981 The Fan Saleswoman in record store
1984 Almost You Susan McCall
1986 Where the River Runs Black Sister Ana
1988 Masquerade Anne Briscoe
1988 Patty Hearst Gelina
1988 Moon over Parador Jenny
1992 Light Sleeper Marianne
1992 Housesitter Becky Metcalf
1993 Tombstone Josephine Marcus
1993 Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Andrea Beaumont
1994 Exit to Eden Lisa Emerson
1995 Live Nude Girls Jill
1996 Fly Away Home Susan Barnes
1998 The Curve Dr. Ashley
1998 Wide Awake Mrs. Beal
1999 Outfitters Cat Bonfaim
2000 The Right Temptation Anthea Farrow-Smith
2002 Mother Ghost Karen Bennett
2003 Spin Margaret Swift-Bejarano
2005 Getting to Know You Marla
2006 Superman: Brainiac Attacks Lois Lane
2007 Route 30 Amish Martha
2008 A Beautiful Life Anne
2008 Flying Lessons Jeanne
2010 Multiple Sarcasms Annie
2010 Camp Hope Patricia
2010 Drunkboat Eileen
2012 Freelancers Lydia Vecchio
2013 Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Lois Lane[1]
2017 Literally, Right Before Aaron Wendy
Sal Sernav Rol Têbinî
1978 Ryan's Hope Ryan's bar patron
1978–79 Love of Life Amy Russell Series regular
1981 As the World Turns Hayley Wilson Hollister Series regular, role from January 2, 1981 to December 1, 1981
1984 Threesome Laura Shaper TV movie
1984 The Streets Jeannie TV movie
1985 Moonlighting Jillian Armstrong Episode: "Knowing Her"
1986 A Winner Never Quits Nora TV movie
1986 Liberty Moya Trevor TV movie
1986–87 Magnum, P.I. Cynthia Farrell Episodes: "L.A." and "Out of Sync"
1987 Sweet Surrender Georgia Holden Series regular, 6 episodes
1988 Thirtysomething Eve Episode: "South by Southeast"
1988–91 China Beach Colleen McMurphy Series regular, 62 episodes
1990 A Promise to Keep Jane Goodrich TV movie
1992 Cheers Susan Metheny Episode: "Love Me, Love My Car"
1993 Wild Palms Grace Wyckoff TV mini-series, 5 episodes
1993 Donato and Daughter Lieutenant Dena Donato TV movie
1994 The Enemy Within Betsy Corcoran TV movie
1994 Texan Anne Williams TV short
1995 Fallen Angels Helen Fiske Episode: "Good Housekeeping"
1995 Choices of the Heart: The Margaret Sanger Story Margaret Sanger TV movie
1996 For Hope Hope Altman TV movie
1996 Wing Commander Academy Gwen Archer Bowman Voice, 13 episodes
1996–2000 Superman: The Animated Series Lois Lane Voice, 44 episodes
1997 Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man Dr. Susan Fox Voice, episode: "Role with It"
1997 True Women Sarah Ashby McClure TV movie
1997 Spy Game Honey Trapp Episode: "Dead and Gone, Honey"
1998 The Batman/Superman Movie: World's Finest Lois Lane Voice, TV movie
1998 The Patron Saint of Liars Rose Cleardon Abbott TV movie
1998 Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Couples Johtje Vos TV movie
1999 Resurrection Clare Miller TV movie
1999 Sirens Sally Rawlings TV movie
1999 Shake, Rattle and Roll: An American Love Story Elaine Gunn TV movie
2001 Family Law Mary Sullivan Episode: "Safe At Home"
2001 Final Jeopardy Alexandra Cooper TV movie, also co-executive producer
2001–02 Pasadena Catherine McAllister Series regular, 13 episodes
2002 Conviction Martha TV movie
2002–03 Presidio Med Dr. Rae Brennan Series regular, 13 episodes
2003 A Time to Remember Britt Calhoun TV movie
2003–05 Justice League Lois Lane, Maggie Sawyer, Loana Voice, 7 episodes
2004 Baby for Sale Nathalie Johnson TV movie
2004 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Carolyn Spencer Episode: "Obscene"
2004 Boston Legal Samantha Fleming Episode: "Truth Be Told"
2005 Kojak Kate McNeil Episodes: "All Bets Are Off, Parts I and II"
2005–06 Related Francesca Sorelli Episodes: "Francesca" and "The Move"
2006 The L Word Senator Barbara Grisham Episode: "Light My Fire"
2006 Battlestar Galactica Sesha Abinell Episode: "Sacrifice"
2006 The Woman with the Hungry Eyes Theda Bara Voice
2006 Kidnapped Ellie Cain Series regular, 13 episodes
2007 The Batman Lois Lane Voice, episodes: "The Batman/Superman Story, Part I and II"
2007–12 Desperate Housewives Katherine Mayfair Series regular (Seasons 4–6), Special guest star (Season 8)

55 episodes

2010 Batman: The Brave and the Bold Vilsi Vaylar Voice, episode: "The Super-Batman of Planet X!"
2010 Castle Special Agent Jordan Shaw Episodes: "Tick, Tick, Tick..." and "Boom!"
2010 Firebreather Margaret Rosenblatt Voice, TV movie
2011–13 Body of Proof Dr. Megan Hunt Series regular, 42 episodes
2014–17 Hand of God Crystal Harris Series regular, 20 episodes
2015 The Comedians Julie Recurring role, 5 episodes
2015 No Second Chance Loraine Transmore French miniseries, 4 episodes
2018 Bull Assistant US Attorney Banner Episode: "Bad Medicine"
2019 The Code Colonel Glenn Turnbull, USMC JAG Premier April 9, 2019
Karên din
Sal Sernav Rol Têbinî
1974 South Pacific Nellie Forbush Musical at Phillips Academy
1980 A Life Broadway play
1983 Wisk detergent Lady in an elevator TV commercial (opposite Tom McBride)
1983 Blood Moon Innocent pre-med student Off-broadway production by Nicholas Kazan
1995 Translations Maire Broadway play (short-lived)
1998 Louise Brooks: Looking for Lulu Documentary
2000 Dinner With Friends Beth Stage; Pulitzer-prize script
2003 Much Ado About Nothing Beatrice Stage, San Diego
2006 Vietnam Nurses with Dana Delany Host Documentary
2007 Life on the Refrigerator Door Narrator Audio book by Alice Kuipers
2009 PoliWood Herself Documentary
2009 Annul Victory Herself Documentary
2013 The Parisian Woman Chloe Play
2017 The Night of the Iguana Maxine Faulk Play
2018 Collective Rage: A Play in 5 Betties Betty No. 1 Off-Broadway production written by Jen Silverman

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