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Silav Penaber49 "Franco-Prussian [War]" is English, not German or any other relevant language. There should be a Kurdish way of expressing "the War between France and the Kingdom of Prussia" without using English words. GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 21:37, 27 adar 2021 (UTC)Reply[bibersivîne]

Anglo-German is the same. The words should express "British-German" (alman û brîtanî or similar). GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 21:45, 27 adar 2021 (UTC)Reply[bibersivîne]

Silav GPinkerton, The vast majority of articles are transferred from English Wikipedia to different language versions. If you do not know the local language, we have to write the names of people or articles in English. —Penaber49 (gotûbêj) 21:50, 27 adar 2021 (UTC)Reply[bibersivîne]

But there is no reason to do that where the name are made of ordinary words: "Şerê Fransi-Prusyi" (or whatever the correct grammar should be) would be a fine translation of "Franco-Prussian War", and "Anglo German Agreement of 1890" is called Heligoland–Zanzibar Treaty (en) on English Wikipedia anyway. (There are other Anglo-German Agreements and Anglo-German Treaties.) "Anglo-German" only means "British and German", so can easily be translated. GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 21:58, 27 adar 2021 (UTC)Reply[bibersivîne]

Silav GPinkerton, Often when I translate articles into Kurdish, I leave the proper names as they are. We will pay more attention from now on —Penaber49 (gotûbêj) 22:25, 27 adar 2021 (UTC)Reply[bibersivîne]

Silav Penaber49 Great! The same thing is true for the word "Count" in "Count Eulenburg". "Count" is a kind of lord's title; bi de: Graf. See Philipp, Prince of Eulenburg (en) Philipp zu Eulenburg (de) and also Eulenburg affair (en). Eulenburg was also a prince ... German has two words for two different kinds of prince (bi de: Prinz and Fürst) where English has only one for both, but Eulenburg was not made a prince until 1900, so in 1890 "Count Eulenburg" is correct in English and bi de: Graf zu Eulenburg. But I don't know, maybe the title has a Kurdish equivalent, or a general word for "lord" should be used. (Maybe "Kontê", the word that is used here for Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh? Kontê seems like it might be related to "Count", bi fr: comte.) GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 22:42, 27 adar 2021 (UTC)Reply[bibersivîne]