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Ji Wîkîpediya, ensîklopediya azad.
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Tu bi xêr hatî Wîkîpediyaya kurdî![çavkaniyê biguherîne]

Spasî[çavkaniyê biguherîne]

Silav GPinkerton, Ez wekî bikarhênerekî Wîkîpediya kurdî jibo xebat û alîkariya te yên jibo Wîkîpediya kurdî gelek spas dikim. Ez dizanim ku tu bi kurdî nizanî. Di xebatên te de kêmasî hebe jî, dîsa baş e. Serkeftin.

Kurdish Wikipedia user, I thank you very much for your work and assistance to Kurdish Wikipedia. I know you don't know Kurdish. Even if there is a deficiency in your work, it's still good. Penaber49 (gotûbêj) 14:38, 24 adar 2021 (UTC)

Translations[çavkaniyê biguherîne]

Unfortunately, any translation does not translate sentences literally. Just update us the information in the Information box. Penaber49 (gotûbêj) 14:59, 24 adar 2021 (UTC)

Silav Penaber49 Thank you! Yes, I know about the weakness of the translator. (It's sad, for some European languages it works extremely well. The machine learns by practising, so the more is put in the better it gets.) I try to make sure I check the 2020 dictionary by Michael Chyet, and that the Kurdish can be translated back. I think a thing like [1] would be very useful here. It will help find pages in other languages for colleagues to translate. It should be imported, if possible. Please look at Kornwall and Gur and check for errors! If the machine translation is done carefully, it should be easy for someone else to check for the mistakes and correct them. This should save time. GPinkerton (gotûbêj) 04:57, 25 adar 2021 (UTC)

Workshop[çavkaniyê biguherîne]

Hi, Small wiki toolkits will be organizing workshops on Infoboxes and Wikidata, would you be interested? Sign up here! Balyozxane (gotûbêj) 14:33, 2 nîsan 2021 (UTC)